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Ready Room Pic

when the lights in the room are low, the fish tank can be lit independently with a bright blue glow

Even the captain of the Enterprise needs a place to relax. A personal place which to unwind. This is provided by the captain's ready room, located just off the main bridge.

In a ship the size of the Enterprise-E it is obvious that even in the Egaliterian Starfleet the captain's quarters are going to something special. Thanks to modern technology, there is no reason why quarters aboard a starship should be any less comfortable than the most up to date planetside homes. But such lavish quarters might not always be the most convenient place for the captain to sleep. Sometimes, difficult or delicate situations requires that he remains as close to the bridge as possible at all times, ensuring that he can be reached in an emergency. For this purpose, the ship is equipped with a captains ready room, located off the starboard side of the front of the main bridge on Deck 1.

Dual Function

The captain's ready room doubles as an office and a second private cabin he or she can use when staying near the bridge is important. When a less formal setting than a breifing room is desired, informal meetings between the captain and one or two crew members may take place here.

There is no hallway between the main bridge and the ready room; the door from the bridge opens directly onto the main living area, although there is a short narrow corridor before the room opens out properly. The main area of the ready room is essentially a studio apartment. In one corner is a simple narrow bed with a small bookcase over it. Toward the read of the room is a desk with a communicator PADD, and behind the desk is a comfortable, high backed chair. The captain is free to personalise items of furniture and decoration in the ready room in the same way as in his main quarters, Captain Picard has done this by adding a tall cylindrical aquarium and personal ornaments kept on a low shelf behind the desk.

One of the most dramatic features of the ready room is that, because it is located at the edge of the ships hull, its single window looks out directly onto space, providing the captian with a captivating view of the stars.

In a corner behind the desk is a doorway which leads into the bathroom. Below a mirror is a sink that has no visible controls; the water comes comes on automatically when hands are placed underneath the faucet, and goes off when they are withdrawn. A well-proportioned sonic shower ensures that the captain will face a new day clean and fresh.

Because the ready room is well soundproofed, the captain may play recorded music as loudly as he likes on the built-in sound system, without disturbing the bridge officers working only a few meters away. This can be the ideal way to put nagging problems out of one's mind, at least for a few minutes as Captain Picard finds when he needs to clear his head from thoughts of the Borg attack he is denied the chance to deflect in 2373. Sometimes the ready room can provide a place to escape to.

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