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"to boldly go where no one has gone before"

The Sovereign Project was one of three main forays into the field of new defensive technologies initially intended for use against the Borg. The prototype, U.S.S. Sovereign (NX-75000) was still in the design phase during the Battle of Wolf 359, and began its actual space-trials in 2369.

Initial production of the Sovereign class began at the ASDB Integration Facility, Utopia Planitia, Mars, with final compartmentalization at the San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth, where it continues to this day. Long term production plans are estimated to include both the Antares Fleet Yards, Antares IV and the New Aberdeen Fleet Yard, Aldebaran, but as of yet, are not included in the Sovereign production plans.

Heavily armed, the design philosophy for the Sovereign class was shaped by the discovery of the Borg. The Sovereign Project attempted to push the envelope as far as possible when it came to computer power, shielding, armament and systems capabilities. The Sovereign Class vessel combines the creature comforts associated with the larger Galaxy-class vessels with the tactical power of the new Prometheus Class. Two forward and Two aft rapid fire torpedo launch systems are coupled with twelve type-XII advanced phaser emitters. The type-XII phaser arrays are the most powerful phaser systems to be installed aboard a Federation Starship to date, capable of delivery crippling blows to enemy shields and armor. The only drawback to the Sovereign is its slightly slower warp drive engines, forcing the ship to struggle to keep up with the newer, Intrepid and Galaxy-class starships.

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the enterprise e - flagship of the fleet

Project Sovereign was born out of sheer necessity and the stark reality of impending Borg invasion.  As the reports and intelligence gathered by the Enterprise-D were studied and applied, Starfleet came to the humbling conclusion that its grand fleet may be no match for the massive Borg cubes. While the threat was full of dark portent, Starfleet decided to tackle the problem behind closed doors.  Several projects were born or modified due to the threat of an impending Borg attack:  Project's Norway and Steamrunner were revamped in large part due to the Borg threat, along with the birth of the now infamous Defiant and Prometheus Projects.

In 2375, on a diplomatic mission, Captain Picard redirected the Enterprise to the Briar Patch to recover LCDR Data. At the Ba'ku planet Picard discovered a plot approved by the Federation Council to secretly relocate the Ba'ku people. Picard and his senior officers took the captain's yacht down to the planet to protect the Ba'ku from Admiral Dougherty and Son'a leader Ru'afo. The Enterprise was badly damaged from an attack by two Son'a warships and had to eject its warp core. After informing the Federation of what was really happening, the Enterprise returned to the Ba'ku planet to pick up Picard and head to Spacedockfor repairs.

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In 2378, the Enterprise was ordered by Admiral Kathryn Janeway to Romulans by request of the new Praetor, Shinzon of Remus, for peace between the Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets. Although very tempting, it was soon discovered that it was a ploy to get at Captain Picard personally and for Shinzon to use his starship Scimitar to attack Earth. A small fleet of starships once joined with the Enterprise were to stop the Scimitar, however the Enterprise was attacked and disabled just before crossing the Neutral Zone. With the aid of two Romulan starships the Enterprise was able to destroy the Scimitar at a great cost to the crew. The sacrifice was not in vein, and opened the door for a real possibility for an alliance between the two governments. Upon returning to spacedock for repairs, Captain Riker disembarked accepting command of the USS Titan.

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