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captain's ready room

Ready Room

captain picards office helps present a calm and soothing atmosphere

A captain's duty is not always spent saving the galaxy. There are many mundane duties invoved in running a starship, the whick the captain can attend to in his ready room

A day in the life of a starship captain has changed little in over a century. His or her everyday duties are crammed with demands and stresses of commanding a starship and its crew. One noticable design improvement added only in more recent designs of starships is the captains ready room.

The ready room of the Enterprise-D is located adjacent to the main bridge, on deck 1 of the saucer section. This small office allows the commanding officer some privacy during the day, and a place to work undisturbed.

Soothing Workplace

The ready room is not primarily designed for comfort or relaxation, but the simple design and understated decor of Captain Picard's office help present a calm and soothing atmosphere. The colour scheme of furniture and paneled walls consist of soft beige and pale greys, while the red carpet warms the room.

The furniture is basic: a desk equipped with a desktop viewer, three high backed chairs, and a couch opposite the captain desk, with a small table on either side.

To the right of the captain's desk is a narrow doorway, leading to a small side room that contains a replicator. Captain Picard frequently orders Earl Grey Tea while he is working.

There are a few personal mementos scattered around the room, such as Picard's Kurlan naiskos, and the collected works of Shakespeare. Perhaps the most attractive feature, however, is the salt water aquarium, home to Captain Picard's pet fish.

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