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u.s.s. enterprise


deck 36


main engineering

Main Engineering Pic

the master system monitor on the aft bulkhead is a cutaway schematic of the enterprise used to monitor the current ststus of various ships departments

If the Main Bridge is the head of the U.S.S. Enterprise then Main Engineering is the heart. Its from here that every one of the ships key systems are controlled

Located on deck 36 of the Enterprise in the engineering hull, the Main Engineering control centre is the master control location for for warp propulsion , impulse propulsion and other key engineering systems.

Although some of the most important tasks can be initiated and controlled from the Engineering System monitor station on the Main Bridge, these are normally configured for passive systems display - leaving the actual input of engineering commands to the workstations in Main Engineering.

Alternate command post

Dominated by the reaction chamber of the matter/anti matter reaction assembly, and the glowing blue columns of the matter/antimatter magnetic constriction segments, Main Engineering is in a protected location deep within the engineering hull

Main Engineering Pic

the octagonal master system display work station on the enterprise operates as the heart of engineering

In an emergency it can be used as a backup control centre, its workstations having the option to be reconfigured to emulate most of the functions of the Main Bridge and the Battle Bridge.

The matter/antimatter reaction in the warp core is the most potent energy source man has ever produced, delivering energy via two power transfer conduits to the warp field nacelles. In case of serious malfunction, Main Engineering can be sealed off from the reaction core by two section isolation doors.

Containment forcefields around the warp core add a further level of protection, and in extreme situations the entire matter/antimatter system can be ejected into space.

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