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u.s.s. enterprise


deck 1


main bridge

Bridge Pic

the command centre of the enterprise d

Primary operational control for Galaxy Class Starships is provided by the Main Bridge located at the top of the primary hull. It is located on Deck 1. The Main Bridge directly supervises all primary mission operations (with the exception of the Flight bay and assorted craft) and coordinates all departmental activities.

The Main Bridge is an ejectable module, allowing for a wider variety in mission parameters. The standard module on all Galaxy Class Starships is the second standard version.


The current standard Galaxy Class layout is as follows. In the center is Command area with three common seats, for the Captain, the Executive Officer to his right, and the Counselor to his left. Further out from these are two more seats that can be used by VIP or other non-stationed personnel.

At the front of the bridge is the Conn, starboard, and Operations, port, stations. Conn is the combination of Helm and Navigation, and Operations controls and monitors most vital ship functions. Operations is commonly in control of sensors aboard Galaxy Class starships.

Bridge Pic

the tactical station on the bridge

Behind the Command area is the Tactical Rim. Here is the Primary and two Auxiliary Tactical stations. All tactical and security functions can be controlled and monitored from this point.

On the back wall from port to starboard are Engineering, Environment, Mission Operations, Science I, and Science II. These five stations are normally unmanned. The Chief Engineer is in Main Engineering, Environment & Mission Operations can be controlled at the Operations console, and Science I & Science II are the science department's presence on the Bridge. However, normally the Chief Science Officer [if the ship has one] is not a Bridge Officer. The position is a management and authority one, meant to control all the sub-departments which do their work in the various labs on board the ship. It is not uncommon however for some Chief Science Officers to conduct their business directly on the Bridge.

Bridge Pic

helm and ops stations

There are three turbolifts leading off the bridge; one is an emergency turbolift that leads directly to the Battle Bridge. There are also three rooms adjacent to the Bridge. The Captain's Ready Room is on the fore port of the Bridge. The Conference Room and Bridge Head is aft starboard.

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