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the ambassador class

Now an important footnote in the lineage of many a starship, the Ambassador Class is no longer the backbone of Starfleet's exploration nor defensive arms.  Once the pride of the fleet and considered, at the time, to be the pinnacle of starship development, technology developed for the Ambassador class has exploded into common usage among other classes of starships, while the grand spaceframe has slipped from active production and is slowly being replaced by newer designs, it still remains a notable class of vessel that continues to serve with distinction.

The Ambassador Class starship was a large departure from current trends in ship design when it was conceived. Nearly twice as large as the current mainstay, the Excelsior Class starship, the Ambassador class would change the face of Starfleet and influence ship design for decades to come.  Initial design concepts were developed and toyed with at the newly formed Advanced Starship Design Bureau, Mars in 2249; some of the first concept models and drawings are still on display at the ASDB Museum. However, given the scale of the craft, the concept would remain just that until 2292, when a dramatic shift in Galactic Politics occurred.  A shift that would effect the Federation, the Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon Empire well into the next century.

the enterprise c crippled by the romulans

The numerous forays between the three entities would continue until 2344 when the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C), under the command of Captain Rachel Garret, responded to a distress call from a Klingon colony on Narendra III.  Four Romulan Warbirds (of the D-7 design lineage) had engaged and destroyed the lone Bird of Prey and were systematically destroying the colony from orbit when the Enterprise arrived.  The Enterprise engaged the Romulans, and succeeded in destroying two of the four Romulans while crippling a third before being destroyed by enemy fire.  The bravery of the Enterprise crew was recorded by the Klingon taskforce approaching Narendra III and so impressed the Klingon High council that hostilities ended almost immediately between the Klingons and the Federation.  A lasting peace agreement would not be reached until 2352, but the cessation of nearly 60 years of hostilities between the Klingons and the United Federation of Planets was a welcome step toward galactic peace.


The class would see production until 2359, and while it has taken heavy losses defending the Federation during its many wars, the Ambassdor Class is still a proud and familiar symbol of Starfleet's engineering ingenuity and imagination.

The lifetime of the Ambassador Class spaceframe had been projected to be some 80 years, with scheduled refits and major overhauls to take place at 40-year intervals.  Unlike minor layovers, repairs and restocking missions to major fleet yards and bases, these major refits were intended to update the class with technologies that have since emerged after production of the class began.  While the class is no longer in production, more then a hundred and fifty Ambassador Class Heavy Cruisers are still in use by Starfleet as of this publication, and the spaceframe was designed to allow for easy upgrades during its entire operational lifetime.  To date, the Ambassador class starship has had two major refits after its initial launch.  

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