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NCC 1701-A


u.s.s. enterprise


deck 1


main bridge

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A is a Constitution class vessel with upgraded technology and a more modern design, but the bridge remains the nerve centre of the ship.


kirk takes command of his second uss enterprise. like the original vessel to bear the name, this enterprise is a constitution class ship

As with the original Enterprise, the U.S.S. Enterprise-A has 23 decks. The bridge is located on deck 1, at the very top of the saucer section. The bridge remains the nerve centre of the ship; it is here the captain and his senior staff make decisions based on information communicated to them from all over the ship. Through the layout of the new Enterprise's bridge is similar to the layout of the bridges on earlier Constitution class ships there are some differences

On previous ships, access to the bridge was provided by only one turbolift, but the bridge of the second Enterprise has two, thus improving the security of the bridge crew during an emergencies and ease of access to the bridge at all time.

Communications and science stations are still on the outer rim of the bridge. The communications station, however, is no longer positioned behind the captain just to the right of the turbolift doors; it is now on the captain's far left. The science station is still in the familiar location, behind the captain and a little to the right. Helm and navigation also retain their traditional positions; they are behind a single sweeping console just infront of the captain. Helm is on the left and navigation is on the right.

As before, the captain's chair is alone in the centre of the bridge on a raised platform. Seemingly hundreds of small computer display screen cover the circular wall of the perimiter, each reading out vital data. This greatly increases information availability in comparison to earlier bridges, and sets a standard which is still adhered to today. The main viewscreen display may be copied and displayed to the small screen at the science station.

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